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Technical Equipment

1.Injection Molding Process

High pressure injection of hot melted plastic into an eight - mold cavity£¨after cooling and curing, the product is formed. The process mainly includes four stages of filling pressure retaining cooling demoulding.This method is suitable for mass production of complex parts£¨is one of the main methods of making cosmetic containers.


2.Hollow Blow Molding Process

The molten material is extruded into tubular plastic billets through the equipment£¨while it is still hot, place it in an open blow molding mold£¨then close the mold.By means of compressed air, the tubular plastic billet is blown and attached to the mold cavity£¨a hollow product formed by cooling and shaping.


3.Injection Drawing and Blowing Process

First through the injection molding process to make mold billet£¨then heat and soften the billet£¨ place it in an open blow molding mold and close the mold.Use stretch bar lengthen the mold billet lengthwise.Blow it up with compressed air.A hollow product formed by cooling and shaping.There are currently two production methods for this process.Injection molding process and Hollow blow molding process.Independent completion is two - step injection blow molding.Injection molding and blow molding together is a one-step injection blow molding.

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